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Creating something new from nothing can be incredibly intimidating. Our goal at DireByte is to help you make that first step.

We are all problem solvers here at DireByte. Nothing is more satisfying than taking a unique idea and making it a reality. Our mission is to help as many creators accomplish that goal as possible. Motivated by the desire to learn, grow and create. We want to make as many dreams come true as possible and enable makers to do what they do best, create.

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Templating Software


Jeremiah Jacobson

Software Architect/Engineer

"I have been writing code since I was a teenager and have had the opportunity to travel and deploy software all around the world. In my spare time I like to work on side projects, play videos games and spend time with friends. My programming experiences have been in manufacturing solutions, hardware integrations and mobile/web/desktop development."

Evan Olson

Software/Mechanical Engineering Solutionist

"Problem solving has always been a passion of mine. Regardless of the field of study I love learning new, exciting technologies and leveraging them to solve problems in new and unique ways. Creating has been a long standing common passion of many and can be one of the greatest pleasures in life. The cyclic nature of learning and creating is and always has been my greatest motivation. DireByte allows me exercise this passion helping others create and achieve their passions."


Nathalia Brasileiro

Digital Marketing and Advertising

"The psychology of how people make decisions in their daily life is what pulled me to marketing. Since then, I have touched every angle of marketing while trying to figure out where my passion lies. Although I have found passion in advertising, I have in-depth skills to assist with website development, SEO/SEM, organic social and brand reputation. I have worked in the healthcare industry for the past 5 years, prior to that, I have worked with clients in the financial industry, higher education and tourism."

Zach Oneill

Software Development

"Problem solving has been something that has fascinated me ever since I can remember. I am thankful to be able to apply that in my day to day programming job, with my friends in this development group, and products I'm proud of that I can share with you."

Jonathan Pearl

Mechanical Engineering

"I am an engineer, through and through. I am always building, and learning. Most of my career experience is in mechanical design. I have gained diversity in my problem solving skills from different industries and my personal projects closely related to the passion that is my work. I am excited for you and hopeful that I can assist your creative passion."

Thomas Hakes

Cyber Security Architecture and Engineering

"I have strong passion to leverage technology to better the lives of humanity. With a primary focus on Information Security and Risk Management, I also provides senior-level infrastructure (server/ network) design guidance and technical implementation oversight for a wide range of clients in the healthcare, financial, education, not-for-profit, and more."

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