DireByte offers a number of services divided into 3 main sections.

Consulting, Launchpad, and Our OpenSource Community




At DireByte we have years of experience integrating systems for autonomous operation. Let us help you streamline your processes.

Machine Vision

Work with us to customize your imaging solutions.

Custom Applications

DireByte can help make your software idea a reality!

Application Management

Allow DireByte to help you revamp your applications and modernize your tools.

Mobile Development

Expand your application to mobile or create something new!

Project Development

Need Management? DireByte can help you define your MVP and get started!


Product Development

We can assist you take your idea from concept to reality.

MVP Design/Implementation

DireByte has experience both designing and implementing an MVP. Let us help you!

Web Design

Need a face for your idea? DireByte can help there too!

Rapid Prototyping

DireByte is not all Software. We can help you with CAD, 3D Printing and CNC!

Problem Solving/Collaboration

Need an extra set of eyes? Some more brainpower? DireByte is comprised of natural problem solvers dedicated to finding solutions.

Road-Map Development

DireByte can also assist in runway planning and project management

OpenSource Community

Public Suggestion List

Contribute to the list and monitor progress.

Contribute to Active Projects

Once the project reaches an MVP stage it will be open to the public for contribution.

Expand your Skills

Collaborate with us. We can learn and grow together!

Join Our Community

Click here to jump into our Community Discord Server.

Check out Our Latest Work.

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At least one Project per year!

DireByte will commit to at least one OpenSource MVP per year.

Service Selection


  • Software Engineering
  • MVP Development
  • Application Modernization
  • Automation
  • Device Integration
  • Architecture


  • Product Development
  • MVP Design/Implementation
  • Web Design
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Problem Solving
  • Road-map Development

OpenSource Community

  • Totally Free!
  • Monitor Progress Live on Github
  • Contribute!
  • Community Building
  • Collaborate
  • Expand your Skills!